About Me

Hello! I am Scott and I am currently enrolled in the Interactive Multimedia Developer program at Algonquin college. Upon registering for the program i was unsure as to what i was getting myself into. I like to use the idea that i came for the video but stayed for the web, which is exactly how i feel. I spend almost the entirety of my free time in front of a computer due to online games and whatnot, so a computer program was only natural.

During my later high school years I really took an interest in video, specifically motion graphics. I honestly should have spent much more time deciding my fate in terms of my college career but I ended up in IMD. After figuring out what on earth IMD even was the first week or two i decided to give it a shot, and I have never turned back. Overall what i enjoy the how well rounded the program is which makes me feel like I should be able to achieve great things in my future